How to Launch an Effective Facebook Marketing Campaign this Diwali

How to Launch an Effective Facebook Marketing Campaign this Diwali

Once in every year, our lives brighten up as our homes are lit with diyas of Happiness, joy, and togetherness. With gifts from near and dear, food which fills up our tummies and souls, once in every year we all come together as one family to celebrate – Diwali.

Every Diwali comes with many promises. The promise of not only a better life but also a promise to your business to find its opportunity to grow. Growth comes with its own challenges.
It is indeed a challenge for marketers to make sense and get yourself heard when almost every other brand is competing to get your prospective customer’s share of mind.

With innumerable sales, offers, and discounts it is easy to lure a prospective customer. But the important question to be asked at this stage is – Do you want to utilize this to be just another Diwali where you are just another brand constantly forcing your audience to like you or do you want to be a brand which occupies a unique place in the heart of your audiences?

The latter, right? One of the most effective ways to accomplish this seemingly difficult task of breaking from the clutter is being liked by your audiences on Facebook.

Facebook has revolutionized the way brands communicate with their audiences. Now that almost every other person is on Facebook, it provides with Digital Marketers with an opportunity to get closer to their lives of their target audiences.

However, this has to be done strategically with careful planning, keeping objectives in mind.

We want to make Marketing on FB this Diwali an effective activity for you. Here are 10 ways in which you can launch an effective Facebook Marketing Campaign.

1. Start Early 

It is said that the early bird always gets the worm. Gone are the days when brands could just wish their customers on the day of the festival with an intention to be present on their minds.

But your marketing team can’t afford to wait! Lace up your shoes and get ready for a blockbuster campaign which starts at least 20 days prior to the festival.

Create a buzz, open up contests, have pre-festival sales, engage in meaningful conversations with your audiences about Diwali.

The action plan is to be present on their minds much before the festival begins. And you do this by getting them all excited about Diwali!

Tip: Go back and understand your strongest competitor’s approach in this regard. Watch out for their timeline of the campaign previous Diwali Season.

Try starting earlier or later depending on what is most suitable for your brand.

2. Design logo and cover photo matching Diwali theme

There will always be a kid in us who use to love the vibrant colors of the crackers which Diwali exposed us to.

Diwali is supposed to be one of the most colorful and vibrant festivals of India.

This is your opportunity to bring alive the same vibrancy in your brand’s personality by designing a very appropriate logo and cover photo.

  • Logo

Your logo is the first thing that your audience will notice across your entire social media presence.

Hence it is very important that your logo conveys your brand’s ideology and personality in that one small graphic.

By creating a logo which caters specifically to the theme of Diwali, you would be supplementing your communication message with a visual that will add to the mood of festivity.

  • Cover Photo

So your logo and cover photo were attractive enough to make the audience want to click on it.

The immediate next thing they see would be your cover photo.

Unlike your logo which has the little scope of communication, your cover photo can convey multiple key messages of your brand when appropriately designed.

A Diwali themed cover photo adds to the entire look of the page and can be used as an effective tool to convey the most important offer or message to the user in the first instance itself.

Tip: Remember to get this done with professional designers. Your logo and cover photo should definitely be designed as per Diwali theme, but should not be so different from the original logo that the audience cannot even recall what your brand is.

3. Create a content calendar

Having a lot of valuable content is definitely good. But more than having valuable content, having a full proof plan of when you be posting which content can keep everything in place for your whole campaign.

A content calendar which will give you a complete plan of the dates on which the content would go up for the months to come is always of immense value. The idea is to see to it that you don’t bombard your audiences with the content.

Divide your entire campaign into 3 phases –

Pre Festival Phase – As the festival is nearing, the momentum of posting content must go up.

Festival Phase – During the festival phase try keeping the content level moderate. You don’t want to be disturbing people during the festival.

Post Festival Phase – After the festival makes sure that you convey some thank you messages.

Prepare an Excel Sheet in which you block dates for all the 3 phases. Keep reviewing it and make changes whenever necessary.

Tip: Try avoiding posting on dates when something goes viral and most of your TG audience are involved in it.

Especially, in the case of mishaps. Try being as sensible and sensitive as possible.

4. Use strong visual elements in your campaign

Facebook is all about seeing and engaging. By looking at the visual elements used, your audience will decide whether to know more or not. So the challenge lies in choosing the right visual elements which will influence your audience to perform further actions.

Just like how your home is decorated in Diwali, your page and posts have to be decorated. Memes, Gifs, Posters, Pictures post any of them but make sure they are aligned with the theme.

Originality is sometimes the key. Although one can always pick random pictures from the internet, it is best if you can create your own visual images and get creative.

Tip: You could always run campaigns and contests in which you could invite your users to post visual content like selfies themselves, which would be monitored by you. This way you can achieve two objectives 1) Engagement 2) Have enough visual elements which will make your Facebook page as bright as the sky on the night of Diwali.

5. Share your company culture

What sets you apart from your competitors is your company’s culture. One of the main reasons why Google as a brand is extremely famous is its cool culture which allows their employees to be in their comfort zone.

Similarly, your organization must be having a culture of its own too.

How would you celebrate Diwali with your employees?

Would it be a dhamaakedaar Diwali or a silent and peaceful Eco- Friendly Diwali?

Whatever it is, make sure you let your audience know as to how you plan to celebrate this Diwali.

Record some videos, post some pictures and bring on the festive mood alive.

This is a great opportunity for you to showcase what you as an organization stands for to your audience on FB.

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6. Craft content for maximum shares

“Content is the King! The whole digital world swears by it.”

Earlier marketing content was all about promoting the brand’s interests. However, in recent times audiences don’t want to be told what to do and what not.

They want to be given information which will help them in making the decisions. In such cases, it becomes important that all our content should be not really brand-centric but rather generic and informative.

Informative content which can be read for the purpose of knowledge instigates people to share. When content adds value to a person, the person automatically has a liking for the brand which will make sure that he shares it among his peers.

Although Diwali is all about offers and sales, you can still gift your audience the power of knowledge and get closer to their hearing.

Tips: Have a blog connected to your FB page. Every article which is written as a part of the campaign is to be shared on the FB page. This will ensure that people not only visit your FB page but also your blog.

7. Host virtual events via Facebook live

Hosting small time events as a part of the Diwali campaign is definitely an added bonus. What gives an edge to this is when these videos are made live on FB.

Live videos throw the viewers in surprise and always get instant views and likes and more engagement.

Once a notification goes to people that you are living, they will click on the notification out of curiosity.

Celebrating Diwali in your office? – Go Live!

Hosting any charitable activities this Diwali? – Go Live!

Holding an exclusive Q& A session? – Go Live!

Tip: You could always give away gifts and coupons to those viewers who comment on the video. This will motivate people to view the video and engage with it.

8. Create FB offers

Diwali is all about newness and excitement.

Offers and sales add to the spirit of the festival. Whatever said and done, Indians love discounts, offers, and sales. And you as a good marketer should seize this opportunity to make attractive Facebook offers and run a campaign around them.

The best part about Diwali is that people, who never intended to buy a particular thing, might actually be the ones who end up buying the same thing.

It entirely depends on how the whole thing is packaged and presented to the audience. Your audience must actually believe that he/she is saving money by taking this offer.

That is how appealing your content should be. Keep posting at least once a day with good visual elements about the offers.

Tip:  It’s the gifting Season! Try pitching products by motivating the audience to gift it to someone they love. They are more likely to buy the product.

9. Promote offers and coupons through FB ads

When a person is on Facebook, we have his undivided focus and attention.

On one hand, where you do have a highly active Facebook page to keep our already subscribed audience engaged, there might be a lot more people who are not yet aware of your page but definitely are potential customers.

By using FB ads, you can always promote our offers and coupons. This will incentivize the viewers of the ad to land onto our website or FB page.

Make sure you use an exciting call to actions and catch phrases which will make people want to click on the ad.

Facebook custom audience ads will definitely help in this regard. Once you feed the details of your existing user base or audience, FB will create a lookalike/custom audience list and will show these ads to them.

Tip: Ads can easily be ignored. Hence make sure that you use the correct images and catch phrases which will reduce your chances of being ignored.

10. Retarget your website visitors

Ever been followed by an ad till it tempted you enough to buy it? Thanks to Retargeting, brands these days are making sure that their website visitors don’t forget about them.

Especially during Diwali, when your potential customer is probably browsing the internet searching for something or the other, by using the retargeting option you can make sure that you convert him into a customer by just showing your ad to him enough number of times.

Catchy phrases like ‘Offer Ends Soon’, will convey to the user that if he doesn’t click on the ad within a stipulated time, he will lose the offer. These ads can run throughout the festive season. 


These Marketing efforts will definitely yield you some benefits. But there is something beyond these marketing efforts which is required from your end that can add to these efforts and make all the difference for your brand the coming Diwali.

It is the same thing which makes your mom decorates the whole house with diyas for you and your family every year. It’s the same thing which makes people forget their religions and come together to burst crackers.

It is the same thing which makes you go to your neighbor’s house and give them a box of sweets. It’s the same old Love.

This time do not look at Diwali just as an opportunity to sell your products, but look at it as an opportunity to create more memories with your customers and becoming a part of their family and their lives. This Diwali light up the lives of your customers. Let’s get the Celebrations rolling!

Lalit Raghav works with Naval Gupta on search engine optimization strategy and is the director of digital marketing for DigiArise, covering the online brand management and as well as traditional marketing.

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