Ethical SEO: Secret That SEO Agencies Are Hiding From You!!

ethical seo techniques

In regards to the world of SEO, I hear many terrible stories of business owners getting ripped off or conducting promotion campaigns based on the misinformed information. I had one business owner in tears speaking to me on call, hoping I have a magic wand to generate everything better since he (yes, blokes shout too) signed a contract with a search engine optimization agency that promised the ground and delivered nothing. Well, nothing isn’t strictly correct. They did manage to completely destroy the owner’s business and turn his life upside down.

The reality is that nobody has a magic wand and success need time to develop in the field of SEO but if you play with the rules in the first place you can reap long-term success.

The SEO Secret that digital marketing or SEO Firms are hiding from you.

I’ve been doing SEO and Social Media Optimization for the previous 4 Years and I’ll let you in secret that no search engine optimization agencies would like you to listen.

There are very little changes happened in the art of Ethical SEO in previous 15 years. If you read Google’s Webmaster Guidelines they clearly state what is acceptable and what is not. Each of the comprehensive SEO consultants that inform you that your positions have dramatically dropped since Google launched an upgrade are telling you the facts — BUT the actual reality is that every time Google launches an upgrade (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and the rest of the critters from the Google zoo) that they are only getting somewhat better in proving that adheres to their principles and that does not. The easy fact is, if your site ranks fall like a rock, the individual or agency doing your SEO has been gambling with the future of your company by performing unethical SEO techniques which go contrary to their guidelines along with the new upgrade has found out them.

Google does not care about you or your company

This is a reality. In my view, Google is just interested in two Chief items:

  1. Making earnings to maintain the monster living.
  2. Increasing the standard of the user experience.

If you have a look in Google as a company, they’re largely an advertising firm. In fact, about 89% of their yearly revenue (US$66 billion) comes from advertising they are selling. The organic listings which SEO advisers are fighting to procure the number one place is a huge price to keep so in the event that you don’t play with the rules, Google has no difficulty whatsoever with knocking you off your perch.

It was back into mid-February 2013 when it became really apparent as Google delivered one almighty message from the SEO world by completely removing the flower giant Interflora out of the search engine. In reality, their site didn’t even appear inside the organic listings to their own brand name. Assuming that it was the run-up to Mother’s Day, it could not have come at a worse time. It means that the SEO team who is behind the Interflora website was purchasing links on top press release websites for the purpose of increasing rankings and Google clearly state they have a zero tolerance for paid links.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you’re considering building a long-term future for your company, it’s essential that you hire an SEO expert that understands exactly what they’re doing and will always set the potential of your company or brand initially.

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Just because you’re ranking in search engines, does not imply its Ethical SEO

I’ve been offering white hat SEO to digital advertising and marketing firms of all sizes for more than three years now and something I have discovered is an increasing number of agencies are only doing link building with paid links, paying writers to post a hyperlink and submitting links on sites which were constructed for the sole purpose of raising ranks, otherwise called, PBNs.

SEO Consultants are still using these link building methods that clearly violates Google Webmaster guidelines since they still operate and work really nicely. Google has clamped down on the spammy stuff that’s very good news, however, the Google’s system is still finding it very difficult to find out which connections are paid for and which haven’t.

If that is the thing we are paying to SEO firms, why don’t we just purchase links to increase rankings? As it’s obvious to see which hyperlinks are paid for and which websites are a part of a PBN when you take a look at them. The machine may be unable to tell but anyone who knows SEO will know it clearly.

Google has a group of individuals who have paid to go through the sites to manually check to find out whether they conform to their guidelines and if they don’t, then the owner of the website will be given a guidelines web spam penalty and get de-ranked. Sometimes the positions won’t ever return — even when you wash your connection profile upward.

You might not need to gamble with the future of your company by paying for rapid wins when ethical SEO techniques can take a bit more time to secure consequences but will probably be sustained?

How do I tell if a firm uses Ethical SEO Techniques?

The easy truth is, SEO consultants and digital marketing agencies are extremely clever at concealing the truth that their SEO methods are unethical. You are able to do all of the pre-sales research on the planet and still wind up getting burnt. Any testimonials or results they reveal you will clearly not demonstrate some dodgy work.

One thing I’d say is an ethical SEO is generally completely transparent and will inform you precisely what they’ve been doing so as to secure meet and results in goals and aims. They will even supply you with a list of links procured and detail the way they procured these hyperlinks. When there’s a hint that those links are bought, it’s a significant sign to not keep on with that individual or service. Anybody who fails to offer you this advice is clearly hiding something.

So is not it the right time to hire an SEO Expert that can help your business? Good Luck!!

Lalit Raghav works with Naval Gupta on search engine optimization strategy and is the director of digital marketing for DigiArise, covering the online brand management and as well as traditional marketing.

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