How to Generate New Patient Leads For Your Dental Practice Using Facebook Ads For As Little As ₹ 20 Each!

How to Generate New Patient Leads For Your Practice Using Facebook Ads For As Little As ₹ 20 Ea

Growing a dental clinic can be SUPER difficult with the constant changes in the health care and insurance industry.

You wish to obtain a steady stream of leads coming in the workplace.

The simple fact that you're reading this informative article means you're already ahead of the curve and comprehend something that lots of dental clinics don't (more than you can imagine); you need to be marketing your clinic online using Facebook advertising.

If there is a possibility that you haven't begun using Facebook advertisements to cultivate your practice as you're either not confident that you could really generate leads or you're scared that it is going to break you financially, then you also have come to the perfect place!

Why facebook?

The number one battle that each and every dentist faces is becoming a CONSISTENT direct flow.

The number one instrument effective dentists use to maintain a steady flow of prospects coming in is Facebook advertising!

Why Facebook Advertising?

To put it bluntly, you need to be using Facebook advertising because that's where your customers are spending the vast majority of their spare time.

A successful company is one that's ready to address a problem for a particular group of individuals, and to do this you must know where to see them.

I know that it feels like Facebook advertisements are extremely expensive, and several individuals are reluctant to utilize them as a key lead generation supply.

The truth is that if you're using Facebook advertisements correctly and targeting correctly, then your ROI is HUGE if you think about the lifetime value of a client.

Lead Generation

The key to immediately creating consistent dental leads with Facebook advertisements is as straightforward as placing an excellent deal facing a successful funnel, using four exceptional targeting choices.

So let us walk through everything you will need to begin.

Creating a Great Offer for Dental Lead Generation

The very first thing that will catch a potential client's attention is an excellent offer and also to develop an excellent deal you need to determine WHO the deal is intended for.

Nowadays, as a dentist, you probably find all kinds of people with varied demographics and that is perfectly fine.

But to begin getting consistent prospects you will need to concentrate on targeting one particular segment of your prospective audience at one time and construct an offer that's appealing to them.

The most successful (and sustainable) support you may offer to create dental leads would be a free teeth-whitening session for new patients.

After that, you can upsell them into a paid service like a deep cleansing or cavity restoration.

target customer

Girls that are brides-to-be, preparing for homecoming or prom night or have an anniversary coming up are usually seeking to have their teeth cleaned and white!

The excellent thing about marketing on Facebook is that you are able to target your advertisements based on these kinds of life events.

Of course, this deal will interest folks you DON'T goal, like men or people that aren't in the classes mentioned above also.

Bear in mind the idea is to concentrate on a single audience segment (which has the capacity for constant direct stream) at a time.

There are an endless number of girls who will be getting married or moving to formal occasions which make this a trustworthy targeting way of dental advertisements.

How to create sales funnel to capture leads?

To find those leads on your workplace you will need to put up a funnel. It does not need to be complex or elaborate to create qualified leads. An effective funnel essentially has four components:

  • A well-targeted Facebook ad
  • A landing page / optin page
  • A thank you page
  • A follow-up (email and phone call)

Each step of this funnel must flow seamlessly into another and must be as simple as possible to navigate. Let us walk through every step of a successful dental attachment, one at a time.

Creating a well-targeted Facebook ad

The advertisement is among the most essential elements of your own funnel.

It has to clearly catch the interest of the people you're targeting, in addition, to lure them to click on the ad with a terrific offer.

The very best advertisement type to use for preparing a lead generation funnel to your clinic is a "Consideration" advertisement that can "Send visitors to a destination off or on Facebook".

Picking advertising goal

After you've picked your advertising goal, then you want to pick the targeting.

This is the place where the section of the audience you chose to aim comes into play. Facebook will allow you to target according to several life events, behaviors and interests.

To bring local leads together with the teeth whitening provide you will want to utilize the next four targeting choices:

  • Your City +25 miles
  • Women 18-45
  • Newly engaged (1 year)
  • Anniversary in 31-60 Days
  • targeting options

There are obviously plenty of different tactics to target prospective customers that you may test on after advertisements, once you get a steady flow of prospects coming in.

These four targeting choices are the most powerful jumping off stage.

After you've picked your ad goal and established that the targeting, then you want to put up your advertisement to entice the girls that you targeted over who view it.

Bear in mind you're not attempting to market something to your market at the advertisement.

The aim is to make them click your supply so that you can make them register for your offer and also be set on your email list. Then, you are able to follow up with them to reserve appointments and supply other services.

Sample Offer

There are a couple of elements in the advertising example above that you could replicate to make a productive advertisement for generating leads.

1. The Main Ad Copy – It says the offer clearly in addition to a couple reasons which they may use the offer to their own benefit.

2. The Ad Image – is an attractive, smiling young woman who the audience can make a connection with. (The eyes in the picture are key for this. I recommend for great royalty free images.)

3. The Ad Headline – clearly highlights the offer.

4. The Ad Description – states terms and lets them know they need to sign up to claim the offer, matching the call-to-action button that says Sign Up.

5. The URL – is easy to read, so the audience can find you online.

6. The Call-to-Action Button – by choosing Sign Up, you are preparing the audience to enter more information once they click through.

When the viewer’s clicks through the advertising, they will need to land on a webpage where they can opt-in to an offer.

This is the way you'll collect their email on your own list.

Creating a Landing or Optin Page

Even if you presently have a site for your own practice, I don't advise sending your prospects there to gather their information.

I recommend using Leadpages. It is user-friendly, has excellent customer support and contains fantastic templates set up to set up your pages fast.

Landing Page Example

Above is a good illustration of a very simple landing page which will effectively collect prospects.

There are just two reasons why this installation is successful:

1. The picture and webpage text is in accord with the advertisement that leads them here. This is essential. If they land here it is very important that it be precisely what they're expecting.

2. The second reason that it is super effective because we're requesting a minimal quantity of information.

The Thank You Page

After the individual enters their data on the landing page and then clicks the "YES" button, then they're added to your own email list and redirected into a Thank You page.

Thank You Page Example

There are a couple of components on this page which makes it successful.

1. The thank you page is a superb place to make scarcity or a feeling of urgency which the individual should immediately get in touch with you to maintain their offer rather than waiting to be contacted.

2. In, you may establish a special telephone number that forwards calls to your company to monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. You may even set this up to find text notifications on prospects as they arrive in. This way you understand just which prospects are coming out of Facebook!

3. The thank you page also gives leads a chance to connect with you on social media. That is huge since "word-of-mouth" referrals are yet another powerful resource for prospects.

By establishing your Advertisement, Landing Page and Thank you page by using the illustrations above, you place yourself to find immediate leads.

On the other hand, the most significant part of the procedure is following up with all the prospects and closing the deal.

The Follow Up

The degree of which you follow up with your prospects can make or break the whole funnel.

As a medical professional, it's vital that you create the new patient feel as they are more than simply a number for you. You must reach them on a private level.

The very first thing you want to do to effectively follow up with your prospects is put up an email on your autoresponder to go out immediately as soon as they click on the button in your landing page.

This email should again thank them for signing up to your deal, in addition, to replicate the monitoring telephone number in the thank you page.

The next step in keeping up with your prospects is to make contact. You will need to set up a pattern for this. Dedicate time daily to call these possible new patients.

It could take calling a couple of different times to really get a hold of somebody, but bear this in mind: When they took the time to complete the form, they are interested in being contacted!

On the lookout for other prepared to use funnels? Have a look at some sample funnels

Conclusion – Wrapping it up

Regardless of what stage your dental clinic is in, it's not difficult to set up yourself to bring in constant leads. An easy four-part funnel with all the unique four stage targeting will probably have them pouring per week after week.

Do not be obnoxious on your follow up attempts, but do be professional and thorough.

As soon as they opt-in your relationship building. You've peaked their curiosity and got their trust enough to make them reserve their absolutely free session.

It's then up to your own sparkling dental abilities to keep them coming back!

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