How To Generate Leads For Restaurants Through Facebook Ads For Just ₹25 Each

How To Generate Leads For Restaurants Through Facebook Ads For Just ₹25 Each

Whether a restaurant is high-end, fast casual, a healthy eatery, a gastropub, or fast food, your restaurant’s specific target audience is about on Facebook multiple times per day each and every day of this week.

If you are not utilizing Facebook advertisements to attain your customers, you’re missing out on one of the utmost effective advertising channels to achieve them. And the worst part, if you are not promoting your restaurant with Facebook advertisements, your savvier competitors are and stealing your customers.

However, are you prepared to capture the attention of new customers who live in a smartphone world? In this article, I outline why Facebook advertisements are so important for creating awareness to your own restaurant, and give you a killer advertising tactics to consider for driving more business and new customers.

Shall we begin?

Facebook advertisements = your go-to, helping pack your client’s restaurant with fresh patrons in no time.

Print advertising used to be the favorite choice. However, Facebook advertisements have been shown to be not only the taste of the week but of all time.

Most restaurant owners, however, are unsure about where to even begin to find the most bang for their buck while using the most popular social media platform’s advertising tools. And, if that’s true for the client, most of their most informed competitors are stealing the show.

And you should know that those competitors are reaching all the foodies while showing off their menu, driving in-restaurant visits, and enhancing loyalty. Sound like something that your client might be interested in?

Luckily, we have just the thing to make that a reality for them. That is because we have established a ready-made funnel that will allow you to cook up some lead generation opportunities. All by using Facebook advertisements to increase restaurant prospects.

Jaw-Dropping Offer (JDO) to Drive Restaurant Lead Generation & Sales

To begin, let us be conscious of the jaw-dropping offer (or JDO since you’ll see around here). It’s the “it” thing that will make your FB audience stop in their scrolling paths and crave additional information. So, compelling them to click through your own ad.

However, this cannot be just any offer that you toss into the mix. It really has to be two things:

  •  A narrowly targeted, delectable revenue offer your visitors are hungry for.
  • A product or service of perceived high value to offer for free (or at very low cost).

Thus, let us begin with the first bullet point. You will need to determine whom exactly it is you would like to target. With a restaurant, the different audiences are possible to appeal to be plentiful–from families with little children to sports fanatics, younger couples, and so much more.

However, the secret is to concentrate on just one audience at a time and create an offer that is unique to them. In this circumstance, we will concentrate on females–specifically those between the ages of 20 and 40, who have a birthday in the month we are running an advertisement. Additionally, friends of people/women who additionally have a birthday in another 0 to 30 days.

Now that we have identified that our people are looking for the advertisement, let us move onto the next bullet point: the offering. The yummiest (and feasible) merchandise you’ll be able to offer this kind of customer is a buy one, get one free birthday dinner.

Sound good, yeah? Let’s onto amazing stuff.

The Sizzling Funnel You Have to Cook Up Some Serious Leads

To attract your target audience, you need to set up a 4-part funnel, which includes:

  • A well-targeted Facebook advertisement
  • A landing page (opt-in page)
  • A thank you page
  • And a follow-up email campaign and text messages

is now it like a four-course meal. Whenever you don’t have one dish, you will not be serving up the maximum mouth-watering funnel possible to your own people. Therefore, let us walk through every component of effective restaurant sales funnel to make certain you obtain something delicious in return: a continuous influx of prospects.

1. The Facebook Advertisement

This is really where that JDO we spoke about earlier will be on full display for the audience to view.

And, no, it does not have to be a gourmet masterpiece. We do not want you spending hours in the Facebook advertisement “kitchen” trying to come up with a few prime cut piece of backup.

Your ultimate objective is really pretty basic: capture those clicks = LEADS.

What is the most effective advertisement kind to accomplish just that? This usually means you’re focused on sending visitors to a destination on or from Facebook for lead generation.

Pretty straightforward? Yup, it truly is. So, we are clear about our objective and now up to next is targeting.

This is the place where the section we discussed earlier (females between the ages of 20-40, with a birthday in the month we are running the advertisement, & friends of people/women who also have a birthday in another 0-30 days) comes into the mix.

To begin tempting leads in your neighborhood with your buy one, get one free birthday dinner offer, you’ll want to go with the following targeting options:

  • Your city +10 miles (in this scenario, we utilized our neighboring town. Nonetheless, you ought to determine the radius according to where you live.)
  • Females ages 20-40
  • Birthday in “month name”
  • Close friends of females with a birthday in 0-7 days, 7-30 days.

Facebook leads for restaurant

Yes, you will find many, many more targeting options you may pick from. However, stick with the aforementioned powerful options shared over to begin getting a continuous influx of prospects through these restaurant doors ASAP.

When you’ve setup the targeting, it’s time to move onto the advertisement creative! Again, as I mentioned earlier, you do not have to flip it into a masterpiece by some other means.

Instead, simply ensure it’s sufficient to get your audience to take action. And transfer them to another step of this funnel–providing their contact information to opt-in to an email list and receive the special offer (aka JDO).

Then the point is once you are able to get back out to all those brand new restaurant leads and dish out additional offers.

FB leads for restaurant

In the advertisement example above, you will find bits and pieces you can definitely mirror to help save you a big chunk of time (yes, we are giving you the go-ahead)! You will have the ability to build a top-shelf Facebook advertisement that brings you the revenue you have been hungry for.

  • The Advertisement Image–something interesting and what you would easily find in your best friend’s Facebook webpage (we advocate looking to for royalty-free stock images).
  • The Advertisement Description–again, says the offer certainly with a bit more information, while using more terminology to pull the target audience (“Celebrate your special day with someone close to you!”).
  • The URL–is simple to see and is a custom domain name. That is important as you wish to make certain to avoid extension URLs (ex. . click funnel). They will cost your advertisement more in the future since they are rated poorly by Web of Trust.
  • The Call-to-Action Button–by choosing to Learn More importantly, you are preparing the audience to discover additional information regarding the offer.

Following your audience clicks the Learn More button on the advertisement, they will be redirected to an opt-in webpage. This webpage is entirely designed to acquire their name, email, and cellphone amount, in exchange for your offer.

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2. The Landing Page (Opt-In)

Thinking about simply redirect your audience to the sign-up or contact form on your website. Think again. Doing this will just create confusion because that page is usually standard and doesn’t fork over a heckuva lot of info.

Thus, we advise that you create a designated page to get this exclusive bargain using LeadPages. It’s a quick and professional way to build your funnel out web pages at a very low price ($19/month).

Set your visuals clear on the landing page as in the example above. You may copy it to your own offer, making it a piece of cake to bring in fresh leads. And, let us walk through the 3 motives as to why this webpage operates 100% to your own benefit:

  • The background image and webpage text are consistent with the advertisement that directed your goal there. The high-quality photo is really an adorable picture of a simple cupcake with a sparkler candle on top that requires a celebration. And, yet again, the webpage replicate reiterates the offer.
  • The goal is being requested to provide very minimal information–title, email address, and phone number. Therefore, steering clear of overwhelming the consumer and causing them to click away from the page. All comes first they will fill the form and claim the offer.
  • And, there is scarcity. This is quite important. In this instance, we are just offering this BOGO bargain for the month of this reader’s birthday, which compels them to opt-in quicker and visit the restaurant ASAP.

This landing page is AdLab analyzed and accepted as we have employed the design in dozens of different industries. It actually works wonders each time!

3. The Thank You Page

Following the prospective restaurant, the patron enters their information on the landing page and then clicks the “Get Your Birthday Dinner Voucher Today!” button, they get added to your email list and redirected to your thank you page.

Right away, you’ll notice it’s quite similar to this opt-in page, with only a couple little changes.

  • The page opens with an explanation that a confirmation text is coming to their cellphone soon with instructions about the best way to claim the BOGO offer–encouraging them to reveal it to the hostess on arrival at the restaurant.
  • Most importantly, at the end, we throw in a bonus pile with a few extra scarcity. However, it’s just given to the prospective member if they visit the restaurant and also redeem within the following 72 hours. I mean, that would not need a complimentary dessert inserted onto their BOGO dinner?! I’m certain if you were not hungry already, you’re currently…

Alright, are you following how amazingly simple this is to have set up right away? I believed so.

Well, that finishes the first three components of the sizzling four-part funnel. The final part is what we consider the cherry on top to actually stand up profits–aka the follow-up.

4. The Follow-Up

Do you think the follow-up is just a boring task?

Then we want to tell you that if you go the additional mile to really follow-up with individuals who have already opted-in to receive your offer, you are going to require your restaurant to a different degree.

Following up helps eliminate any barriers that stand between your prospective patrons and really coming into your own restaurant to enjoy some fantastic food. Besides, you are going to make them feel like more than only a number in your novels–a VIP, in reality.

To begin with, your follow up procedure, you will want to send a series of 2 emails, in addition to an SMS text message. No worries if you have never used text messaging in your marketing efforts. But, you should, without a doubt, consider adding it to the mix, as it’ll put the dinner voucher in their hands, making it easier to redeem.

In terms of the emails, the first email they ought to receive immediately has to restate the identical information from the Thank You page. And, the next email they need to receive two days afterward needs to inform them exactly what they will gain from claiming the offer while reminding them it expires shortly. (There is that scarcity element again!)

So, how in the world can you put up this up? SendGrid is the reliable partner (or some other autoresponder tool you want), helping you receive your follow-up communications outside into the world.

And, that will wrap up your four-course funnel feast, easing you into the basic design and flow of a restaurant revenue funnel using Facebook advertising.

Lalit Raghav works with Naval Gupta on search engine optimization strategy and is the director of digital marketing for DigiArise, covering the online brand management and as well as traditional marketing.


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