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AboutThe Project


This client wanted to rank for multiple terms as well as broader keywords that will boost traffic across many different core pages on the site.

Website history

The site was not SEO friendly and not optimized for conversion at the start of the project and their link profile also was not as niche specific or powerful as the competitors.

The main issues holding the site back were

  • Small content issues
  • Low Authority

Our Strategy

The main reason the client was not ranking is because of their poor link profile. The first step of each campaign is to analyze the backlink profile to remove spammy and low value links that may prevent or hinder growth across the site.

We then began a full scale link building campaign to target various internal destination pages and other landing pages that targeted key terms such as ‘copper control cable’, ‘save electricity’ and ‘earthing’. We generated over 500 quality and niche relevant backlinks to the site.

One strategy we used was to create a guest post and embed a link to the article. This article generated over:

  • 7.8k Facebook Likes
  • 100 Twitter Shares
  • 18 High Quality Backlinks


When they began the campaign, they were not ranking for their targeted keywords. But as we did on page seo, wrote blogs and did off page seo we achieved great results for them. We even ranked them for term like “save electricity” which is searched about 12,000 times in a month.

Keyword Ranking

  1. ct pt testing – Ranking on 1st position on
  2. IR/UV Window – Ranking on 4th position on
  3. Lightning Arrester Tester – Ranking on 2nd position on
  4. Electrical Line Testing – Ranking on 3rd position on